Why is Australia Rooted?

Its rooted because it thinks work can only be done for about 7.5 hrs/day for 5 days a week, whereas the rest of the world knows that the only way to make money and to get value out of the machinery you have heaps of money invested in is to know there is 24 hours in a day and 7 bloody days in a week.
I saw many examples of this when I was working in the Philippines, and indeed we used the 24/7 principle in our work.

I’m having a classic example of bullshit at the moment. Due to a small inheritance, I am in the process of taking delivery of my first Swiss Watch, no not a Rolex I said small inheritance. Now talk about efficiency, I placed the order on Tuesday at 6.00 PM which was 8.00AM Tuesday Swiss/German time. The reply email was withins seconds, and from the transport tracking with FedEX the pickup was booked at 8.15AM Tue, ready and picked up at 1.00PM Wednesday, left for Munich at 3.00PM WED, arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport at 0.20AM THURSand left for Dubai at 4.24AM, Arrived Dubai 5.01PM THUR and on to Singapore for arrival at 6.37AM FRI, and on to Mascot arriving and booked in to the sorting centre at 4.57PM FRI.

So the total time between me sending the email order and the watch arriving in Sydney was 1 hour and 3 minutes short of 3 days. Notice the times, which are the location times many in the dark hours, when the watch changed planes.

The GST is paid so all they have to do is deliver it, now that the watch is in Australia I have been informed that it should be delivered on Wednesday next week no later than 5.00PM. So it is going to take 5 FUCKING DAYS TO COME THE FINAL 120KM TO MY PLACE.

Daughter bought an English saddle from someone in HK, paid via paypal and it arrived in Australia 48 hours later.
Customs sat on it for FIVE BLOODY WEEKS because they had a backlog.
What was the watch, enquiring minds need to know, Tissot, Hanowa???

Steinhart Ocean One 39 Green plus the Jubilee Bracelet to go on it. you can’t buy the bloody thing with the jubilee fitted instead of the oyster bracelet. Very small German company making Swiss Watches, very good quality and sell direct. Uses the ETA 2824-2 Elabore movement that is used in quite a few good Swiss watches.


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Good to see Customs (or Border Protection as they now are) haven’t changed. Back in '76 when we bought our car back from PNG it languished with customs for a couple of weeks. When I rang to see when it would be released, they told me it would be another 5 weeks, because the bloke handling it was on leave.
Well, you don’t keep a dog and do your own barking, so I rang the electorate office of the minister, John Howard. The car was available for collection 2 days later. Bunyip, you should have tried the same tactics. I’m sure Mr. Potato Head would help.

I’m waiting on a small inheritance so I can afford to get my Rolex in running order.
Unfortunately there’s no one left whose will I am likely to be in.
I do take it out of the box occasionally to admire it though.


That looks almost exactly like my Rolex Submariner.

It is almost exactly like your Sub, except your sub is a no date Sub. The design patent ran out on the Sub many years ago, unlike the phony replicas this is known as a Homage watch and is branded honestly with the manufacturers name.

The photo shows it with the oyster bracelet as it comes from the factory, I’ll put up a photo when I get it and have fitted it with the Jubilee bracelet.

Below is a Rolex Sub with the Jubilee, standard is the Oyster bracelet. Notice the differences to the Steinhart.


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