A recollection from my yoof...

When I was an apprentice in WA I worked part time at Her Majesties Theatre operating the audio equipment, got on well with the crew who were all blokes but we had a girl about the same age as me whose job was to go and knock on the dressing room doors and tell the actors how many minutes before they were on, her name was Frances.
We got on well and the inevitable dates started and after a few weeks she came round to home and met the parents, Mum asked her what she did and she said she was a student at uni but in the evenings she worked as a call girl.
Poor Mum, didn’t know what to do or say but took me aside later and told me to dump her as she just wasn’t my type.
Poor girl was a little naive when it came to delicate matters like this but that was her title in the theatre, took a bit of explaining to Mum as to what she did.

Similar situation when I was a young bloke in Sydney, a family moved in next door from Wagga or somewhere down the track that way where it was changeover for train drivers and guards. One of the young sons of the family had had a part time night job where it was his duty to at night cycle around the houses of the drivers and guards and make sure they were awake and getting ready for the change over.
The young bloke was called a Call Boy, and he was totally unaware of the other meaning , but us smart arse city dwellers were. Poor bugger copped a hell of a teasing for a while.

On the other hand, I sometimes told me mum that the girl I was taking out was a solicitor. well, sometimes they used to solicit.

As a teenager “Bike riding” had a whole different meaning.

Yes, some of those solicitors used to peddle it round town.

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