Another extension finished!

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I’d say anyone that’s stayed 26 years in one spot needs counselling. We move house as soon as she reckons the bedroom ceiling needs painting. :D

Up to this one 6 years was my record in 47 years.


Then… what happened? :D

We are presently up to eight, but since we are here for less than half of each year, it’s probably 4 dog years.

Up to #9 and thinking about 10 but don’t know that I really want to shift 10 truckloads of shit a lot of which is bloody heavy.
When we moved in in 2002 I didn’t have a grader, landscape rake, harrows, post hole digger, two tractors, 30m tonne log splitter, cement mixer and other assorted detritus that I actually use yet alone horse float, caravan, two trailers, kayaks, ride on mower, pile of outdoor cooking gear, stationary machinery, 3 welders (2 MIG), I really don’t want to compile a list but we are considering subdividing and moving to a bigger spread.

Looks very reminiscent of a '60s telephone table, I like it.
Been in the current place for a bit over 5 years. Last place was 13 years, but I still own it and the tenants don’t get access to my sheds as they’re fenced off and have their own road frontage. I still have about about 120m2 of sheds full of stuff there plus a fair bit of gear (besser blocks, cars, trailers etc etc) parked there. I am slowly moving stuff out and I’m actually mentally ready to let some of it go.


Rented for 4 years , then bought our first home as first child was on the way, had it ( the house that is ) for 11 years then moved here . This one so far is 35 years and is set up to last up another 10 years I rekon, as it will take that long to empty the two 6 x 7 sheds the wood storage leen-to and under the house plus all the crap inside and in the roof storage. May have to extend that to 20 years .

We’ve been in our current place around 18 years. I dread the thought of ever moving … plus we really like this place.

Moving what is in the house wouldn’t be so bad, but there is a lot of (heavy) gear in the main shed (about 160m2), plus boat, trailer and horse float in the machinery shed (54m2) that I just finished off last weekend.

Moved back to Aus 39 years ago, this coming June, with all my possessions, except for my tools and panel van, in two suitcases and a carry on bag, now I’m similar to Tolovar.

Our last place was a standard quarter acre block and she filled it, this is acreage and she’s almost there.
If we do move I’m not getting a shed, I’ll aim for two aircraft hangars.

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… two aircraft hangars.

I’d consider moving for that :)

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two aircraft hangars.

You don’t need sheds for that just a couple of sky hooks

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