Hey BBQ Dog.

If you don’t already have one you may find this thermometer handy, I paid $52 for mine but they are on Anniversary Special at the moment for a lot less. Plenty of reviews on the net.


$30 US or close enough, about AU$43, just ordered one, Ta.

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$30 US or close enough, about AU$43, just ordered one, Ta.

That site is in Aussie dollars Iain. You will find that the meat probe has a finer point for a more accurate thermocouple, and the clip for the oven probe is different. It does not ship with batteries due to airline restrictions but 4 AAA batteries fix that.
Expect at least 3 weeks delivery.

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US$26.44 + GST, just went back for a look, the tax is added at the end after checkout.
Still not bad considering the $50 unit I have is accurate sometimes.
Batteries I have an abundance of and buy the 50 packs from Aldi when they come up, about $14, not quite as good as the rabbit alkalines but not far behind for less than half the price, and they don’t leak.

You should have looked at the top of the page, you can change country and currency, and once you have opened an account it will log you in correctly every time if you have initially set it correctly. Saves on currency conversion.

Just had a look again using AU$, with GST it is about AU$1 cheaper so not going to lose any sleep over it.

For some reason the order did not go through so I registered again using another email, voila, success and it cost AU$34.00.
While on the subject of temperature I just came back from a US forum where they are talking about smoked meatloaf, I don’t mind meatloaf providing it is not the boarding school or army version and smoking seems to add a new dimension to it.
Will try it soon.
How long did your temp gauge take to arrive???

About 3 weeks which is typical of their delivery times.

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I don’t mind meatloaf

Used to like him, but after his AFL grand final performance I went off him

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I thought that was Meathead


I’ve got iChef thing. It works ok, phone needs to be fairly close to the Kamado.

I really want to get a Meater. https://austore.meater.com/?_ga=2.253506826.2037611511.1554106779-298051904.1554106779

A bit expensive, especially from their Australian site.

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