I don’t know much about beer but I do know what I like, and it’s not beer, but I was in a little corner store today, the kind where you’d only buy the beer if you were desperate because it was so expensive compared to the big supermarkets, and I found “Pig Rinse” in two kinds - on the “light” one, (7.5%) is marked “strong beer with red fruits” which in my book is quite possibly a waste of red fruit.

The heavier one is a blonde, both are around $3.00 for half a litre.
0_1496257627249_May pigrinse-27.jpg

If you are into tallies, usually you can get Meteor (5%) for around 35c Aus per can, but heck why not go all out and pay $1.50 for a classy 750ml bottle?

0_1496258007433_May pigrinse-28.jpg

I’m not even sure why I’m posting this, but on another note the coppers here are nice and mostly carry machine guns.

Cheers and beers.

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@bitingmidge said in Beer:

“Pig Rinse”

I wonder if that is what the coppers drink. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As opposed to XXXX sheep dip.

I think it is better for cleaning golf balls, it would make the wool go mouldy if you used it as sheep dip.

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