New Guinea v Papua New Guinea V Australia

Wife was born in New Guinea, a territory of Australia in 1953.
Came with Family To South Australia in 1960.

She has had 4 Australian passports, recently applied for a renewal and the proverbial hit the fan, Your not an Australian citizen blah blah blah, etc etc we need proof of your parents birth and travel records, proof your paternal grandparents were born and living in Aus.
But while all the hoo harr is going on a new passport arrives.
Wonderful intelligent example of 2 different gov depts not talking or communicating with each other.
For now we are safe and lying low.

But would like to know other ex pats experience and where they are at, esp in line with the guy deported last week back to PAPUA New Guinea, (not even same F country) and the officials there refused him entry…so he and immigration knobs were sent back to Brisbane, what a monumental government stuffup. Whats the latest with him

So the thrust of my ramble is anyone else in the same pickle?

We have a few on here with dubious origins.

Without knowing it I was officially out of the country for a number of years after the immigration dept went from a paper based system to a computer based one. I found out when I rocked up to their offices to get a form so that I could prove to the Dutch passport office that I was in Australia legally, so I could renew my Dutch passport before I applied for Australian citizenship so I could retain my Dutch citizenship.

When they discovered the mistake it took three officials half an hour or more of umming and ahhing and keyboard fiddling before they finally declared that I was officially in the country but warned me not to leave before I got my citizenship. I assume they put me on some sort of temporary visa because they couldn’t change things in the system.

I did eventually get both my passports and citizenship sorted out.


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