New chain saw

Some bastard borrowed my Sachs Dolmar and stuffed the chain tensioner and I can’t get parts so I am looking at a new saw, Stihl and Husqvarna are offering some nice deals and I have found one around 45cc, 18" bar, tool less tensioner and a few bits to sweeten the deal, both run 50:1 and both are the same price give or take about $5.00.
Which is the better option?
The Stihl is more agricultural but has a good track record and parts are stihl (pun) around for some really old ones, Husky are a bit more refined but will they go the distance?
Between a rock and a hard place.

I currently have both brands & have used both brands (other models) in the past.
No real complaints about any of them.

The big Husky I have is a bit fussy about its fuel, doesn’t like old fuel, I’ll drain it or run it empty before I put it away.
It is also the most finicky to start.
If it is cold, choke on, decompression on, pull, fist sign of life, even if it wasn’t enough to pop the de-compressor out, turn the choke off or you’ll pull it til yer arm drops off.
If it is hot, don’t let it run completely out of fuel or it will be a bastard to start again.
You have to let it cool down enough to use the choke or just put the choke on, pull it twice & tun the choke off & if it won’t start, walk away or you will take it & smash it.

The little Stihl pruning saw that I have is fairly good, usually take about 6 to 10 pulls cold after being stored but it is so light I could pull it 50 times compared to pulling the big saw 3 times.
Same trick, like all 2 strokes, choke on, first sign of life, go to half choke if available or just choke off with the throttle propped open.

In a nutshell, I’d buy either.

The Dolmar is always 3 pulls regardless, choke on, pull, pull again, splutter, choke off and pull eand away it goes, been like that since i bought it, will be sorry to see it go s it has never let me down until some prick broke it.


I have a Stihl, which I quite like. Use every winter cutting firewood. I really like the no tool chain tensioner. It also has a ‘easy start’ mechanism that I could live without. Works ok but just another thing to go wrong. Had it for 8 years and still in good shape.

But either a Huski or a Stihl won’t be a wrong choice.

Got a Stihl 048 SAV. 76cc. Got it 2nd hand about 25 yrs ago. About 39 yrs old. Does a bit of work. Never drain fuel, always starts third or fourth pull.

Struggle to get parts now but can’t fault it. Great saw.

Huskies and Jonserad also have good reviews

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