Has anyone else at a look at this site from a mobile?

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Dent called me at work today and asked me to let you know he wasn’t able to access the site with his mobile, kept getting “forbidden” messages.



Can he get on from a PC?

There is no difference from mobile and full site.

He’s probably accessing it from the original shortcut address, which was a signup page I think - I had the same trouble till I twigged and shortened the IP to

ending in .96 gets an Apache Ubuntu default page.

Can you phone him Mick? Wait till Dog’s finished the changeover.

He’s using his older i phone as a mobile hotspot for his tablet. I’ll try to message him with the right address now.


I’m on mobile and it works fine 16/5/17 11:06hrs

I’m doing it from an IPhone SE
Clunky as fuck but it works

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